Wiersema, Chad R.

Endodontist Dr. Chad R. Wiersema, DDS

"Some patients considering endodontic treatment may be anxious. However, modern root canal treatment is now nearly painless for most people. Through education and technology, the Grove Dental team and I provide a pleasant and relaxed environment for your visit. Be sure to ask me about any concerns you may have. I consider communication a vital part of my profession.

“For health and cosmetic reasons, saving your natural teeth should be your first choice. A well-done root canal is like a solid foundation for a house -- it results in improved long-term health and teeth that can last a lifetime."


Dr. Wiersema received the eminent honor to be named and featured in the 2019 Top Dentists list published by Chicago Magazine. Out of 6,500 dentists represented by the Illinois Dental Society, six dentists from Grove Dental Associates were featured along with 190 Chicagoland dentists in the January issue of Chicago Magazine.