Patient Testimonials


  • "Dr. Bob and Stephanie are wonderful. They really are geared for kids and the whole experience was wonderful. I feel like my kids are in good hands here. Dr. Bob will be our regular doctor. Now I am hoping to find a doctor within the Grove group to suit my own needs. "
    Triona O.
  • "My husband needed to find an oral surgeon to have a few teeth extracted. We were referred to Dr. Smith at Grove Dental Associates from our primary dentist in the same building. Dr. Smith is an outstanding oral surgeon, he made the procedure as painless as possible with proper sedation. The recovery and healing of the gums was excellent. If we need an oral surgeon in the future, Dr. Smith will be the one to do it. The experience with this oral surgeon was excellent."
    Kathy L.
  • "Dr. Tyson Frenzel is good and efficient and is pain free. He has a good bedside manner. The office is friendly. They have a lot of doctors there. I have been with him for over twenty years now. They have a wonderful pediatric dentist also. My kids grew up going there."
    Adrienne H.
  • "I have been using Grove Dental for over 15 years, and am very pleased with them. I went to them because I had some tooth pain, and I wanted them to check it out. They determined it may be a damaged nerve, and I needed root canal surgery. Saw the endodontist the next week, and he performed the procedure. They are very good to work with. Very successful. Root canal went well, and no more pain. Their new offices have the most up to date equipment, and staff is very good to work with."
    Rob Z.
  • "Great Kids Dentist and Ortho!!! NOW, KEEP IN MIND, I DRIVE 45 MINUTES TO THIS OFFICE, AND I HAVE 4 ORTHODONTISTS WITHIN A 5 MINUTE DRIVE FROM MY HOME!!!!! After a horrible experience with a quack dentist, we switched to Dr Chung. She was amazing with my children, even the 3yr old, and they love her. Next: 2 of my sons see the orthodontist there, Dr. Patel. No complaints whatsoever!! The staff has made it clear that I am always welcome to speak to him about any questions or concerns. The woman who handles orthodontist billing was so knowledgeable about the insurance procedures and always got back to me quickly with any phone calls. Last: The two woman who work scheduling are so cute and friendly. They know I'm a busy mom of 4 and they go out of their way to coordinate all our appointments. "
    C. S.
  • "I am a very nervous patient. I have to say, best dental experience ever. They are so kind, got me in quickly, gave me something to calm me down, talked me through everything. Very large practice and run like a well-oiled machine. I will recommend them to everyone. This place came to me by recommendation and I could not be more pleased."
    Amy C.
  • "I've been going to them for decades. The schedule is almost always right on time. They are knowledgeable and experienced. The staff is very friendly. They are considerate and gentle. They explain anything they find in detail and if there are options, they give me those options."
    David M.
  • "Dr. Kelly A Janas is extremely friendly, great chairside manner, very helpful, she is very good at her job and there is very little pain and lack of pain is good. The quality of her work is good."
    Cathy W.
  • "Dr. Tim Moss is very personable. He does high quality work. You can tell he really loves his job. I don't like going to the dentist and he makes it less stressful for me. His assistants are very friendly as well."
    Tammy R.
  • "My braces recently came off and wanted to use this occasion to let you know how happy I am with the service provided by the Ortho Team. Over the past four years my two sons and I received orthodontic treatment, often resulting in multiple visits within a month. At every appointment we received friendly service delivered at the highest standards of professionalism by Dr. Patel and every member of the Ortho Team. I won't say I miss coming in quite as often, but your office did become like a second home and the staff a second family. Both my son and I had some issues requiring consultation with other specialties at Grove Dental before our ortho treatment could begin and I was very impressed with how well the whole operation is run; the coordination of our care among the specialists was seamless. I would especially like to commend my hygienist. She went above and beyond to ensure that my treatment for periodontal issues was efficiently integrated with my orthodontic treatment…she's the best! Again, we couldn't be happier with our treatment and I recommend your office to our friends. Please let your staff know how much we appreciate them."
    Ed O.

Downers Grove

  • "I had my first filling done today and it was an easy and painless experience! Dr. Brammeier made me feel comfortable and did an awesome job!"
    Emily S.
  • "I had to get two fillings today. I was nervous to come in. Everyone was nice and explained the procedure and made me more comfortable!"
    Amy G.
  • "My kids: Yay Mom, we're excited to go to the dentist! Me: What is going on and where are my real kids? LOL This place is awesome for kids! My girls look forward to their visits! Dr. Cabana and the dental hygienist on staff are fantastic. From the moment they are greeted to when they're able to leave, they enjoy every minute of it---even when they were having cavities filled....I know super strange---but I think it could be a mixture of the kid friendly dvd's playing (tv's on the ceiling for when they're lying down), the fun "prizes" in the treasure buckets, the stickers the get to pick out of the sticker bucket---ok---all in all-- a lot of bribery---but it gets them to brush their teeth, floss, and not be afraid of their regular checkups."
    Alvina C.
  • "My experience today at G.D.A. was great. Very minimal waiting time. The assistant, Toni, was very friendly and kind. Made sure I was comfortable. Dr. Brammeier did a great job ensuring I understood the work I was getting done and any future work I may need and clarified why. He was very friendly and made sure I was comfortable and pain free! Quick treatment :) Very pleased!!!"
    Erin C.
  • "My crown and fillings experience was so smooth. Toni and Dr. B. were gentle and explained every step with clarity. I was so pleased with my experience."
    Nate G.
  • "After having a bad experience with an anesthetic at a previous dentist, I was anxious about going through with my procedure. Nothing to worry about! STart to finish, I was made comfortable and the procedure (crown preps) was painless and quick. Great experience! "
    Tom G.
  • "Dr. B, Dr. K, and their teams are the BEST. I came into their care after too many years of avoiding the dentist. I had an abscessed tooth and was in extreme pain. They quickly put me at ease in a non-judgmental, empathetic way and developed a treatment plan to get me back on track towards dental health. Their services have been efficient and painless. You can trust these people to go above and beyond to provide a supportive environment. I'm a customer for life!"
    Melody L.
  • "My son needed his wisdom teeth removed because they were causing him pain- the oral surgeon explained everything and did an excellent job. Everything went well from the initial appointment to the surgery. They were able to schedule him very quickly for surgery within a couple of days which was a good thing since he was in pain. No complications. "
    Lisa P.
  • "I always feel so welcome and so well taken care of here at Grove Dental. Everyone has my comfort and best care in mind. Our whole family comes to Grove Dental. We see Dr. Cabana and Dr. Brammeier. We have seen Dr. Cunningham and done our orthodontist here as well. It is the one stop for all your dental needs and the care you receive here is exceptional. "
    Kathleen K.
  • "I got my wisdom teeth removed and it was over in a flash. I didn’t feel a thing, all I did was close my eyes and when I opened them up again it was all over. I couldn't believe it. It was better than I ever thought it would be."
    Michael Z.
  • "Everyone here has been kind and compassionate - from the front desk, dental assistants, financial office, and of course, Dr. Brammeier. All were very attentive and understanding with the utmost professionalism. I have a great deal of anxiety regarding dental work and everyone was patient and comforting. I had a great experience. "
    Ann M.
  • "Dear Dr. Smith, Thank you very much for such excellent work giving surgery. I was very scared at first, but I experienced very little pain, and hardly any swelling at all. You did a great job. Thank you again, Kathryn"
    Kathryn Z.
  • "I am not the easiest patient. They went, what I thought, beyond the norm to make me comfortable. Great personalities also. Very professional. "
    Tim D.
  • "My last appointment was for a regular checkup and cleaning. Dr. Michael Cunningham made sure my gums were looking good. There were no problem areas so I will see him again in 6 months. Great news. Dr. Cunningham, at Grove Dental in Downers Grove, has been my periodontist for several years. He has gotten my mouth & gums back to a healthy condition. I have regular checkups and cleanings to help maintain my oral health. Dr. Cunningham is a very kind man and has a gentle approach when working on your gums. He is an A+ periodontist. I highly recommend him.""
    Jane S.
  • "Crown grind not so fun. Nice experience there. Cool staff!! Great doctor!"
    Richard E.
  • "Dr. Shubat is the best dentist I have ever had! He goes above and beyond the call of duty. He is a very compassionate and caring dentist, even went as far to call me on my cell phone the day of and the day after a procedure to see how I was doing. He makes you feel comfortable and very personable. I would recommend him to anyone, in fact, I have!"
    S. W.
  • "My husband went to Chad Wiersema for general dentistry. He provided dental services for my husband. He had a root canal done and he has to finish up with a crown. My husband liked him a lot. My husband would give him top marks. The staff were very friendly. I did not meet the dentist, but my husband did. They went to the same high school."
    Jeanette E.
  • "Both my 5 year old daughter and I are patients at Grove Dental and couldn't be happier! The hygienists are personable and professional, and thoroughly explain what they're doing, why and what to expect. My 5 year old is honestly disappointed that she only gets to go twice a year for cleanings! The child-friendly setting is fantastic, and Dr. Lee is great with my daughter - we're happy with her work, and with her in general. I see Dr. Moss - he's also wonderful. Pleasant, professional and most importantly, really good at his job. Would highly recommend Grove Dental to anyone looking for a dentist that can service your whole family!"
    J. F.
  • "I love Grove Dental, my whole family goes here (including all three of my small children). They are fantastic with kids, very friendly, they make kids feel very at ease. We see Dr. Cabana and I love that he is informative but fast. The office is efficient and we never have to wait for appts. My husband and I also go to Grove and we are really happy with them. I highly recommend for any family seeking great dental care!"
    Lana J.
  • "The other day I got two of my cavities filled by Dr. Moss and DeAnna. I was very scared of needles at first, but they did a good job numbing my tooth where I could barely feel it. They said the process would take an hour, but it took even less then that. As a new patient, I was very impressed with them. They were efficient with their work and always made sure that I was doing alright. I would definitely recommend this dentist to my friends and family. This is the best dentist I have ever been too. They have a great staff, everyone is friendly, and they always have an opening to schedule an appointment."
    J. T.
  • "This is a great dental practice! The entire staff and doctors have been very kind, friendly, and have helped my scared mother-in-law get through a major operation. Dr. Freebeck spent an amazing amount of time with her, my wife, and myself, explaining options, reviewing tests, and making us all feel like we were part of the process. Her surgery went well and I'm planning to switch to their practice once I have different insurance."
    Andrew P.
  • "He is our orthodontist. Both my son and daughter have used him. He explains things to the kids. He is a very good dentist. He always remembers my kids and makes their experience personal."
    Nancy T.
  • "I went to the dentist for a cleaning. The hygienist does a great job, she does children and adults. I'm very pleased with him, he's excellent. He does general and cosmetic dentistry."
    Lonnie P
  • "My wife is happy with the overall experience and treatment that my son was given. We had another dentist for years but we needed to find a new dentist and this was his first visit. She said the people were very friendly and the office was clean my wife is happy and we will continue to use them in the future."
    Lore N.
  • "I've never had much luck with dentists. Most if not all my past dental experiences have been way more negative than positive. That is until today. Dr. Brammeier and his assistant really took great care of my issues with.......NO PAIN!!! 1st time I think that's ever happened for me. The whole staff was very professional and friendly. I could not have asked to be treated any better. My overall experience was excellent. I would highly recommend this office and Dr. Brammeier in particular to anybody that needs a good dentist."
    Ken A.
  • "Dr. Ericson has been my dentist for about 5 years. I have had both routine check-ups and more invasive care (fillings, crown). Visits are always pleasant and professional. A dental technician starts the care and then the doctor checks in. The office runs on time and staff is friendly. I have not been in pain during any services (although some have required a shot to numb which is uncomfortable). Payment has been largely handled by insurance, but their business office takes care of this interaction while updating you with out of pocket expenses. There is no hassle involved as a client."
    Erica N.
  • "Great and friendly service! I don't wait long to see the doctor, like I have in the past. [He] is constantly asking how I am doing during procedures. [I'm] happy to have Dr. Brammeier as my new dentist!"
    Ashley S.
  • "Can't say enough good things. Friendly staff, comfortable waiting areas, clean, organized, and very professional. Everything has been explained in lay terms, with consistent attention to detail. I used to HATE going to the dentist! Thanks to Grove Dental, I've come full circle. I highly recommend Dr. Yingst."
    David N.
  • "I have been coming to this dental office for about 30 years. I always feel great about the work they have done with my teeth. All the people concerned with my care have been wonderful."
    Paul R.
  • "I use him every 6 months for cleanings, and other dental work. He is very personable, has a friendly staff, and it is very easy to get in and out. I feel really comfortable in his office."
    Gwendolyn H.
  • "As a nervous patient, Dr. Brammeier put me at ease and talked me through the steps of the crown prep, temporary, and eventual permanent crown."
    Sharon S.
  • "I recently received services from Doctors Islam and Smith at the Downers Grove office. This is to express thanks for their highly professional talents and personal treatment. This is from one whose blood pressure skies at the thought of dental work. Again, a sincere thank you."
    Brain M.
  • "I had my first cavities filled and was very nervous about it. The team here at Grove Dental did an excellent job of explaining everything and making sure I was comfortable the whole time. I highly recommend Grove Dental. "
    Gina P.
  • "Very personable and kind. Thoroughly explained everything and checked in with me on how I was feeling. Very kind staff and great experience overall!"
    Nicole L.
  • "Definitely the best dentist I've ever been to. Staff is incredibly friendly, which helped make the whole process quick and painless. They care about their patients and it shows!"
    Matthew H.


  • "My daughter had a good experience with them. I highly recommend Grove dental!"
    Shaheen S.
  • "Please let the manager know that the members of the office at Lombard were really wonderful and kind in dealing with a request for urgent pediatric appointment. The availability of staff and dentists for urgent situations is exactly why I have been a patient of Grove Dental for 30 years and now my children are patients. "
    Kathleen B.
  • "Dr. Bennett is an amazing dentist! Very meticulous and gentile. He truly listens and addresses your every concern. My husband and I both see Dr. Bennett and always will!!! His staff are very knowledgeable, simply amazing and beyond kind. I highly recommend Dr. Bennett; you will have the best experience!!!"
    K. H.
  • "I've been coming to Grove Dental for seven years. I am consistently pleased with Dr. Frenzel and his hygienists. The staff is courteous and efficient. Definitely a great dentist that I would highly recommend!"
    Scott R.
  • "I started going to Grove Dental's Bolingbrook office for a few years when I was high school and then college. A couple years after college, I had moved to Lombard and started visiting this location and Dr. Hollis. She's been great. Even after I moved to the Northern 'Burbs, I still go to see her there. She wasn't in the "network" for my recent dental plan but I generally don't owe much over, maybe $1-$5."
  • "I went there for dental care services. The staff at Grove Dental are friendly and professional."
    Larry P.


  • "I use Grove Dental Associates-Wheaton Office. The last time that I went there was for teeth cleaning. I have used them many times before. They accept my insurance and they have always done a good job. I would recommend them to others."
    Doug M.
  • "I just wanted to send a huge thank you to Dory at the Wheaton location. During my appointment today for a cleaning I brought my 4 year old who has been very anxious at her own dentist appointments. Dory was so kind to let Emma watch and ask questions. I am hoping that this experience will make my daughter's future appointments less traumatizing!"
    Sarah P.
  • "I have been coming here for the past five years with my family. They provide you with great service and are very professional. The work they do is top notch and we have had no complaints. Nobody likes to go to the dentist but the staff here makes it enjoyable."
    Neil S.
  • "My daughter had a complimentary consultation for braces. The staff was great! This office is very efficient and professional."
    Kisha J.
  • "The staff took wonderful care of me from the moment I first walked into the office in Wheaton. Dr. Mark Kostko understood everything I wanted to do to improve my smile. The cosmetic dentistry that he provided looks great and my smile is incredible! I felt that they paid attention to all of my questions and I am very glad that I went to see him. I will continue to use this office and tell all of my friends about how pleased I am with them."
    R. O.
  • "All five members of my family are patients at Grove Dental. We have always been treated with courtesy and professionalism, and our teeth are very well cared for. Dr. Crowe does a good job of listening to our concerns and responding in a way that reflects both his knowledge of dentistry and his awareness of our particular circumstances.Thanks to Grove, going to the dentist is a welcome prospect rather than a dreaded one!"
    L. H.