Grove Dental Participates in Bonfield Express 2013!

While Thanksgiving typically means food and family, Grove Dental decided to celebrate in a different way. This year, Thanksgiving temperatures were a little chilly for a run at the Bonfield Express 5K race, but holiday excitement electrified the air. The streets were decorated for the holidays while fans lined the streets cheering, offering water, “power” donuts, bacon, providing music or encouragement along the way.

Grove Dental proudly attended the 2013 Bonfield Express 5K race in Downers Grove on Thanksgiving morning as one of the Premier Corporate sponsors. We chose to participate in this event, not only because of its location in Downers Grove—where Grove Dental first started—but also because both the Bonfield Express and Grove Dental share common values promoting family, health, wellness, and character. With the company logo displayed on the left sleeve of the 5,500 race shirts, Grove Dental encouraged our employees and their families to participate in the race to represent our corporate sponsorship for the event.

As a corporate sponsor, we were genuinely pleased to offer our support for such a great foundation. Thank you to all who participated or came to cheer the runners on. We hope you enjoyed the 2013 Bonfield Express 5K run as much as we did!