Malhotra, Menka

Dr. Menka Malhotra

“A passion for children and helping people along with an accelerated competency for the sciences brought me to the profession as a Pediatric Dentist. All children should be granted the opportunity to have a positive dental experience, which will set the stage for maintaining dental health for the rest of their lives. That’s what I strive for with every patient I see.

While children are my patients, I consider parents or guardians my clients as well. Working together, we can instill strong dental health habits into children and an appreciation and value placed on a beautiful, healthy smile. I am here to serve your family, so please feel comfortable to ask me questions and express any concerns you might have regarding your child’s dental health. Knowing any concerns and your expectations allows me to serve your family better.

As part of my philosophy of treatment, I welcome parents’ input and open communication. This is exemplified by my welcoming parents into the treatment area with your child. It is important that your child see how you value good dental health, so they will do the same. Children that have positive dental experiences at a young age will grow up without anxiety or fear of dentistry. You have my commitment that my pediatric staff and I will do everything possible to assure our patients have a pleasant experience during dental visits.”