Crowe, Matthew G.

General Dentist Dr. Matthew G. Crowe

"Since 1995, I have practiced all aspects of general dentistry. I specialize in regular, preventative techniques as well as cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry. It is my goal to provide my patients with the best all-around care possible whether you are coming in for a check-up or for crowns and bridges.

"As the father of two active girls, I know how hectic the details of daily life can be. Suffering with dental problems is probably the last thing you want to do! That's why I emphasize preventative treatment that will keep your smile as healthy and trouble-free as possible."

"As part of the comprehensive care I provide, I'll sit down with you and discuss any issues that concern you. Whether it's discomfort in chewing or a desire for whiter teeth, we'll come up with options that work for you and your lifestyle. I want to come up with a routine that will benefit you for a lifetime of excellent dental health!"