Allen, Samuel B.


A straight, beautiful smile is universally sought after. While it is an aesthetically pleasing feature, it enhances a person’s overall well-being in many ways. When a person’s teeth are not in alignment, the function of the teeth and jaw are not optimal; therefore, food may not be digested properly, excellent oral hygiene is difficult, wear and tear on the teeth is advanced, and the pressure from the misalignment may cause headaches and facial pain. Seeing these transformations in my patients, along with a renewed self-esteem and a new desire to smile, is by far the greatest reward of my profession as an orthodontist.

If you suffer from any of these issues or if you just want a straight, beautiful smile, come see me. I will listen to your desires and concerns and give you recommendations for treatment that will meet your goals. Orthodontics is a partnership between doctor and patient – without that partnership, the goals are unattainable. Together we will create a straight, beautiful smile and together we will celebrate the result!