Williams, Rachel E.

Pediatric Dentist Dr. Rachel E. Williams

"As a board-certified specialist in pediatric dentistry, I am committed to partner with you in providing your child with excellent care. I believe that a child’s oral health is an inseparable part of a child’s overall health and well-being. In addition to being a pediatric dentist, I am also a mother with small kids, and my philosophy of treatment is based on how I would expect my own children to be treated.

As parents, you play an integral role in your child’s health. As your child’s dentist, I am committed to answer all your questions and to educate you in the area of dental health. Together, we can provide your child with the foundation for a beautiful, healthy smile. I want all my patients to have a positive attitude toward dental health as they grow from infancy into early adulthood. Additionally, I place a strong emphasis on prevention of disease. If dental treatment is needed, I feel strongly that parents should be informed of all different options. I want you to be comfortable with my treatment recommendations and approach..

I openly welcome parents into the treatment rooms. I want you and your child to feel safe and welcome. My pediatric dental staff members are experts in making kids feel at ease, but we all know it may take some kids a little longer than others to gain that comfort level. It is my goal to make sure that your child has a pleasant experience in the dental office."